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What are the Templates and how do they work?


The templates have been developed as optional tools to facilitate point of care practitioners in establishing directives, delegation and performing procedures beyond principal expectations of practice. They are used once someone has identified that a directive, delegation or practice may be indicated and facilitate completing the steps necessary to establish them.


The templates are designed to assist with fulfilling college expectations for directives and delegation identified in profession-specific guidelines and regulations. They may be used as guidelines, for record-keeping or to support the development of setting-specific documentation. The degree of detail and the extent to which the templates (or setting-specific documents) are used will vary depending upon the setting, patients, type of procedures and competencies of authorizers and implementers. A medical directive must be in writing. Documentation of all delegation is highly recommended.


The following diagram identifies the types of templates that are available and the use of each step. The Templates, as downloadable Microsoft Word files, are available below.



This guide is a consensus document developed by the Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario. The Federation comprises the 26 health regulatory colleges that regulate health professionals in Ontario. Other stakeholders involved in the development of the guide included the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and the Ontario Hospital Association. For questions, contact the relevant college.


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