FHRCO Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) eTool


(This eTool is currently being updated and will be reposted soon.)


This eTool is designed to assist interprofessional teams to coordinate care within the expanded (and overlapping) scopes and authorities established by the Regulated Health Professions Statute Law Amendment Act, 2009. It is a customizable, point of care, decision-making tool that will enable teams to optimize roles, responsibilities, and services for fulfilling patient/client needs.


The eTool includes "My Work" - a customizable, user-created checklist development system designed to help teams identify milestones in the patient care journey along with specific questions to ask, consider, and answer at key points. Also provided are frequently asked questions (FAQs) and charts of current professions' scopes of practice and legislated controlled acts.


FHRCO Guide to Medical Directives and Delegation


This Guide has been developed to address questions regarding the use of orders and delegation to facilitate interprofessional care by health practitioners practicing in any setting. It is designed to complement and assist with fulfilling guidelines, standards, and regulations developed by each health professional college.


The Guide is based on a framework of the fundamental cornerstone of health professional practice: patient interest and public protection achieved by regulated health professionals practicing independently and in teams in accordance with regulatory and legislative expectations for practice.

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